Lawton Adams Construction, Established 1939

Lawton Adams supplies wall stone, fieldstone and random stone to contractors, builders and masons.

Materials & Supplies


Fieldstone, per cubic yard:
Random Stone: can be hand-picked by the customer, random sizes and colors.
Stone Resource Wallstone:  Light colored stone, ranging in size from 6” up to 18”.
Stone Resource NY Fieldstone:  Rounded stone, typical of local stonewalls.
Garden Path Stone: natural large flat stones, ideal for garden paths or patios.

Palletized Wall Stone, 1.5 tons per pallet:
CT Tan:  Light tan stone, 3” – 6” thick with straight edges and corners.
Karney Wallstone: A range of dark grays, purples and rust stone, 3”-6” thick with straight edges and corners.
PA Colonial Wallstone: Aged, rounded stone in a medium gray to brown color.
Swingle Stone: Thin, irregular shaped stone, similar to bluestone.

BULK FIELDSTONE, per yard FOB 10-11 12-14 15-17 18-20
Random Stone   60.00   68.50   66.50   65.50   64.50
NY Fieldstone (Stone Resource)  175.00 183.50 181.50 180.50 179.50
Boulders    40.00       850.00
CT Tan 1.5 ton   220.00
Karney Wallstone 1.5 ton   290.00
PA Colonial Wallstone 1.5 ton    210.00
Applecreek Wallstone 1.5 ton   250.00
Above pricing for local deliveries per cubic yard. Additional fuel surcharges may apply. Delivery prices can vary depending on quantities ordered and distance from yard. Call for price quote.